How to Make Your Store Photogenic

How to Make Your Store Photogenic

In today’s world, aesthetics are everything. From social media follower counts to the physical design of your store. Scientifically, eighty percent of sensory information sent to the brain comes from our eyes. So, with that in mind, it’s wise to ensure that your store is as aesthetically pleasing as possible if you want to increase your customer retention.  

There are multiple methods you can utilise to ensure that your store is as pleasing to the eye as possible. Here are some of the best.

 Focal Points

Although you may be inclined to want to highlight all the products in your store, this can be very overwhelming for the customer. Keep things simple, choose one thing to make the focal point, place it at eye level and watch how effectively it will bring customers in. These customers will naturally flow from the focal point to the products around it, so don’t fret about anything going unseen. 

Make It Immersive 

Nowadays, customers are always looking for something that goes the extra mile. So, although you can make your store look as good as it can be if it doesn’t have that little something to push it further, you may lose out. This is where employing the other senses, such as touch, smell and taste can come into play, create an experience that the customer will struggle to forget. 

What’s Your Aesthetic? 

The aesthetic of your store should come naturally depending on your branding. Good ways to accentuate this is to utilise items that are already in your store, such as your shelving or shop counters and ensure that they’re aesthetically up to scratch. Play around with wood effects, natural stylings have seen a rise in popularity of late and for good reason. Handcrafted shelving does well to create a homey, warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Get Creative 

We’ve noticed a new trend forming in how many are getting creative with their use of slatwall. There are many ways in which you can accessorise slatwall panels, in turn transforming vertical walls into engaging, artistic decorations. We’ve found that people are opting for this method as a way of keeping costs down and also freeing up space. When you need floor and counter space for your important products, slatwall can work around this, allowing you to decorate space that would not otherwise be used for stock. 

Don’t Overcrowd 

This final point is really important. Do ensure that there’s enough space in your store for people to move around and freely appreciate your products. Tight spaces will only cause aggravation and this will negatively impact your customers desire to come back. 

We understand how important it is for your store and everything in it to look it’s best at all times. This is why we offer slatwall in 27 colour options for both the panels and inserts and ensure that all of our handmade shop counters are strategically 920mm high, to sufficiently place your products in the customer’s eye line. We additionally have a genuine best UK price guarantee on all our slatwall products, so please get in touch on 0800 587 5880 to discuss your needs.

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