Our Production Values

Our Production Values

Crown Display now celebrates 25 years of service. And, by continuing to dedicate ourselves to high-quality production values and excellent customer service, we hope to maintain our presence within the UK as a long-established supplier. We believe that this reputation has been built upon our consideration for quality and ethics. From sourcing materials to manufacturing the final product, we maintain our preference for trusted and local sources with a positive impact.

The woods we use to construct our range of bespoke retail furniture is environmentally friendly and supplied by socially responsible producers. Where possible, we purchase our raw supplies from UK-based companies, such as the high-grade MDF for our slatwall panels, which is locally produced.

The materials we use for our retail and modular shelving are those we believe deliver reliable quality while being cost-effective. We have supplied a wide range of businesses with strong and safe shelving, from supermarkets to film sets, which have provided storage capacity for many environments.

In recent years, we have seen a greater demand for custom designs and aesthetics. To support this, we have gradually introduced a growing range of finishes and materials into our products. Slatwall panels can be delivered in various woods, such as oak or cherry, to colours and finishes. So, if you’re looking for a bright pink retail display or an industrial concrete design, we can supply the right retail furniture for your store. We are now the largest non-manufacturing supplier of slatwall panels within the UK!

Products, like our shop counters, are made by UK manufacturers with whom we have a long-standing relationship. They are designed and built specifically to each order by expert craftspeople who have years of experiencing.

We work hard for the construction of our handmade counters, greeting card units, and display stands, so that they can be crafted within a turnaround of two weeks. Once completed, we provide a same-day, 4-hour delivery service to most mainland destinations to meet the deadlines of your renovation or television production.

From April 2018, we were incredibly pleased to begin offering a new design service offering customers the latest technology so that you’re able to work out your exact shopfitting requirements easily. We use computer-generated images to help design, build, and construct any retail layouts. Alternative finishes have also been added including a metal effect and multi-coloured display stands.

As our company grows, we continue to put effort into our production values and we hope to bring you more updates with our offerings and manufacturing details in the future.

Our team is always happy to discuss retail shelving, as well as to recommend the right choice for your store. Just get in touch on 0800 587 5880 or by sending an email over to sales@crowndisplay.co.uk, or additionally, you can get in touch via our quick and easy online contact form, and a member of the Crown Display team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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