Redesigning Your Café

A cafe’s interior design is more important than ever. Thanks to the power of social media, specifically image-based platforms like Instagram, the design of your café can make the difference between a full and thriving consumer base or a dwindling one.

Whereas restaurant customers are overall more homogeneous, almost always wanting to sit at a table, cafes welcome a variety of custom and should accommodate accordingly. Some cafe visitors may simply be stopping in on their way to work to grab an espresso on the go; a group of friends may want to catch up over a brunch; others may need a larger table because they’re intent on doing some work. Balancing these preferences in your layout and design is key to keeping your custom both regular and efficient.

Finding a balance between style and practicality is essential. What makes this more difficult is the potential space that many cafes, especially independent coffee shops, are restricted to. Additionally, cafes will often seek to optimise their spaces by getting creative with their furniture. For example, it’s common practice for stock, such as coffee beans and napkins, to be stored underneath benches, especially if there’s little storage space elsewhere. Despite these challenges, however, with the right consideration and materials, each space can find its balance of aesthetic and operation. If you’re considering a potential redesign, here’s what to keep in mind.


Stock is not only key to a cafe, but it has a fast cycle. Cakes, bags of coffee, cups & saucers; they all come and go quickly. Many cafes also sell these items too, or their own additional merchandise, such as t-shirts. Finding a way to store such a range of items, while also being able to access them efficiently, is crucial. It is also an easy issue to solve, which is why more cafe spaces are utilising modular shelving.

Modular shelving, such as slatwall panels, are becoming more popular. Previously, slatwall was only found in retail spaces, and many still associate the white PVC design with older businesses. However, due to their low cost, expansive designs & finishes, as well as their versatility, they are now being used in homes and hospitality. They can be cut to various sizes and used to hold various accessories, meaning that they will tailor to your cafe space perfectly.

Modular shelving also allows you to adjust it easily. If you need to rearrange your display or accommodate for a large order of coffee beans, modular shelving allows you to do so without leaving empty space.


Counters are the centre of a cafe. Not only do they serve as a point for customer-employee interaction but they often also display food and drink, as well as hosting coffee machines and till equipment. Perhaps more than any other item in your establishment, a counter needs to find the most appropriate balance between being visually appealing and being optimised for practical use, especially when services become busy and tidiness becomes key.

Crown Display offers handmade shop counters that can be designed to your specific needs. We have a selection of materials and finishes to choose from, meaning that we can match your order to fit with your branding and concept. Customised designs mean that we can also build them to accommodate specialist equipment, such as a coffee machine, and conceal wiring for card machines and till equipment.

We understand that movement is important for employees too since there will be many staff performing many tasks, sometimes simultaneously. Having a counter built around the space you need is invaluable. If you’re unsure of how an improved counter design might improve your space, reach out to a member of our team for advice.

Materials and Design 

Cafes are relaxing and social spaces, which is why they’re so often photographed. Social media has become invaluable for businesses and decor is now synonymous with advertising. If your space is appealing, people will advertise it.

When considering a cafe redesign, be sure to consider the materials and accessories used in your potential design. From the oak used for your tables to the metal hinges for hanging aprons, all assets benefit from being visually appealing. Taking time to consider your furniture and the embellishments can make the difference between customers taking photos in-store or having their coffee to go.

In recent years, we’ve seen a much great demand for customisation. From various wood finishes to a wider range of colours. To meet this demand, we’ve expanded our offerings. Our website continues to update with the latest range of materials for each shelving and furniture item, from light rustic oak to vibrant pink. Whatever you need to make your perfect cafe aesthetic, we can create it!

If you have any questions about what our team can create for you or you’d like advice on options for your cafe redesign, reach out to our team by calling 0800 587 5880. Alternatively, you can email us here or visit our website!

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