The Greeting Card Revival

The Greeting Card Revival

Whatever the occasion, it seems that there’s a card for everything. With every event from Valentine’s Day to a welcoming a new family pet having its own card, you’ll be certain to find options.

Interestingly, despite the rise in popularity of e-mail and e-cards, greeting cards have managed to stand the test of time. What’s even more remarkable is that more and more young people, particularly millennials, are investing in greeting cards. Retail sales have hit $7.5 billion annually, and although there’s been a decline since the pre-digital age, things are starting to look up again.

The digital world has now started to help the industry out, with plenty of online stores hosting an online greeting card category. Additionally, by offering the option of personalising cards, the industry has seen a surge in interest. Customers can take control of their card and make it their own. The idea that a card is somewhat unthoughtful and informal has been removed because customers can show the extra thought they’ve put into the purchase through meaningful personalisation. Similar to how vinyl records have seen a resurgence despite the presence of digital media, greeting cards are becoming a valued analogue alternative themselves.

One of the other main reasons that greeting cards are said to be prevailing is the aesthetics of them. Facebook posts or Instagram stories are sweet and appreciated, but they’re not going to be kept as a keepsake as they are quickly lost in a person’s feed. Greeting cards have a genuine and considered feel to them, and that’s precisely why they’re becoming more and more popular with younger generations.

Interestingly, despite a rise in the cost of individual greeting cards, they are more popular than the boxes of multiple, printed cards. Designs with considered quality and beautiful designs are demonstrating how people are more inclined to spend money on well-made products.

There are many ways that your store can capitalise on this trend and many retail spaces are able to accommodate greeting card units onto their shop floor, especially when they are custom-built and compact. Offering well-designed cards, perhaps with local designs or from well-known artists, can support your brand’s aesthetic and be an extra basket filler for those shopping, especially during annual holidays.

Our units are offered in a variety of sizes and styles, each assembled and ready to be installed. Customisable options include twenty-four various colours and finishes, as well as a different number of tiers ranging from fifteen to twenty-one. We create our handmade retail furniture collections with a similar approach to greeting cards. Our years of service have been built upon delivering a high-quality product and we have expanded our manufacturing and hand-made services to match brand desire for an impressive high-street presence.

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