Why In-Queue Retail Shelving is Important for Your Shop

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In-queue retail shelving is an important asset that you can use to both improve customer experience at your shop as well as boosting sales. The set-up of the checkout area in your shop can be a deal breaker, as some

Retail Shelving Hire

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Back in late 2013 we were privileged to be able to assist ITV with some retail shelving hire for their highly successful and long running soap ‘Emmerdale’.  Do you watch it?  You should, it’s a lively and entertaining soap filmed

5 Creative uses for Slatwall That Will Get You Organised [Infographic]

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Slatwall might be heavily used in retail, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for a variety of other applications. In fact, you’ll find slatwall in the most amazing (and creative) of places, which just goes to show

Providing Slatwall to Over 400 Thomas Cook Travel Stores

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The Co-operative (CWS) opened its first excursion department way back 1905 where they began to work with railways, steamers and tour operators to get the best rates for their services. In 1920, CWS arranged its first overseas excursion and went

Case Study: Ride Away

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At Crown Display, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers and shop fitters for over a decade to Equestrian & Country stores. Our recent project we conducted was at Ride Away Equestrian in York, which was a

How to Create Stunning Window Displays This Winter

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Window displays are a vital aspect of attracting customers attention, and it allows you to be imaginative and creative with your shop displays. With differing seasons throughout the year, displays tend to reflect this, and winter is no different.

Transform Your Clothing Displays with Mannequins

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The way you display your products can have a huge impact on the way your customers interact with them, and ultimately how successful these items are. It can be challenging to find a way to balance all the factors you

Advantages of Having Rustic Displays in Your Store

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Choosing the right shop display stands for your store is just as important as the products that you will place in them. When you’re looking for a new display, be it because you’ve decided to revamp your shop or you’re

How Soon Is Too Soon for Seasonal Displays?

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Christmas displays in August might not be widespread, but they are quite common already. Many shops begin displaying Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, or Christmas decorations months ahead of time. Knowing how soon is too soon to have these displays is

How Should You Display Your Fresh Produce?

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Whether you are taking the leap into supplying fresh produce in your store or simply looking for an efficient way to display it, you should always consider the best way to share these products with potential buyers. While still keeping