Four Ways To Effectively Design Your Shared Retail Space

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An occurrence we’re seeing more regularly, especially within independent retail concepts, is the rising preference for shared retail spaces. The premise is simple. Retailers, typically those with complementary products and services, establish themselves together in a single premise, sharing the

Why Sustainability Is An Important Part Of Retail Design

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Sustainability is now an essential part of the retail experience. More than half of UK consumers have a preference for companies that are actively improving their carbon footprint, with many celebrating brands that reduce or eliminate plastic pollution from their

Four Considerations For New Businesses On The High Street

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  Placing your business on the high street for the first time has the potential to be a daunting experience. Even those with a well-established online following can still struggle to translate their digital sales into brick and mortar success.

How to Host a Successful Pop-up Retail Event

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Within the retail sector, pop-up events are becoming increasingly popular, with a variety of businesses contributing to their success, from small start-ups to nationwide big brands. The business of pop-up events is estimated to be worth around £2.3 billion a

The Retail Trends Growing In Popularity

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Now that retail businesses have been able to return to their former glory, opening their high street doors and welcoming shoppers back, the industry can focus on developing new advancements and trends within the industry. This means that those exciting

Beginner’s Guide To Curating A Pop-Up Retail Space

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Retail space, having been dramatically affected by last year’s lockdowns, is now experiencing something of a revival. Property owners are eager to fill the increasingly empty lots (vacancy rates are up nearly 15% in the UK) and are lowering their

How Crown Display Supports The Film And Television Industry 

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For several years, Crown Display has supported a variety of film and television productions, including a number of associated events, across the UK. This part of our business revolves around the supply, design, and, often, the assembly of retail furniture

Everything You Need To Know About Window Display Design

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  Competition on the high street can be tough, with a number of established retailers, independent stores, and pop-up concepts all vying for the attention, and therefore the spend, of customers. While there is much to be said about brand

Four Essential Upgrades For Your Retail Renovation

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A great number of retailers across the UK are reconsidering their shop designs in response to a new wave of shopping expectations. In addition to accommodating these customer-driven store styles, retailers are also refreshing their interior aesthetics to maintain their

Three Trends That Will Come To Define The Retail Experience

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  The high street continues to prove its persistent value, adapting itself to changing demand and incorporating new technologies into its traditional shopping experience. Technology has certainly had a significant impact on brick and mortar retail operations but perhaps not