Flexibility in a Retail Space

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Retail has always been dictated by the seasons. Whether this is an influx of holiday shoppers or a Bank Holiday sale, there are reasons to rearrange your stock and spruce your displays. These changes do a great deal for keeping

Retail Shelving at Crown Display

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At Crown Display, we are continuously looking for ways in which we can improve our shop shelving and provide the best service possible. Most recently, our team have been focusing on our furniture and shelving design, as well as the

The Best Ideas for Pop Up Shop Furniture

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Summertime brings about a season of commercial exhibitions, both in and outdoors. Companies showcase their latest stock, community events host pop-up businesses, and creative outlets display crafts and artwork. Over this period, many businesses and individuals find themselves in new,

Why Summer is the Season for Slatwall

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  As is the case with many products, the different seasons bring different reasons to buy. Retail furniture is no different. Every year we see the rise of greeting card display stand sales in the weeks of major holidays as

Continued Popularity of Greeting Cards

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Digital communication is ubiquitous. It is easier than ever to communicate over any distance with only a few clicks. Logically, this would eliminate the need for many manual and physical communicative alternatives. However, this hasn’t been the case. In fact,

Creating the Best Retail Space for Your Customers

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It may seem counter intuitive for a retailer to consider, or even value, space. On paper, it is an overhead cost that should be used to its full potential, filled with stock and utility equipment, to make the most of

TV and Movie Set Hire

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We began our Crown Display shop equipment hire service in 2013 due to rising demand for short-term use of high-quality retail furniture. Temporary spaces, such as exhibitions and pop-us, want to make a location suitable for their product or event

How Slatwall Panels can help small business.

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In our recent blogs, we discussed the greater demand for slatwall panels and their usefulness within the home. There is also another significant area of demand for the product, which is from small businesses. At Crown Display, we are meeting

Welcoming Slatwall Panels into your home.

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Previously, we spoke about the growing demand for slatwall panels. We covered many reasons why they are growing in popularity, as well as discussing the newer and non-retail industries that are using them. One of these markets is homeowners. Our

The growing demand for Slatwall Panels

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Despite many changes occurring in retail design, slatwall panels have remained consistently popular. Much of this can be attributed to their effective and simple design. No matter what your stock or environment requires, making use of your vertical space while