How Lockdown Has Created A New Wave Of Retail Nostalgia

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It is very easy to describe the difficulties surrounding retailers as they continue to weather a varying degree of lockdown restrictions. While the circumstances may be different, this discussion is not new. For many years, especially in the advent of

Retail Furniture and Shelving Trends of 2020

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This year has prompted a widespread change among retailers, one that challenges the way brick and mortar stores operate within communities. There has been an acceleration in the adoption of contactless checkout strategies, understandably encouraged by health concerns, with some

Ten Merchandising Lessons for Garden Centres

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Signs are not just for prices. Use your POS Displays to give customers a reason to buy.  Clear signage attached to your shelving and display units can give information on plants, what they are, when they flower and their growing

Increase your Cafe Sales with these Add-on Displays

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Whether you are a new place to eat in town, or have been established for a number of years, you will have considered and checked off all the obvious: Location – street corner, shopping mall, rural farm shop, prime high

Retail Design for Better Browsing

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Retail Design for Better Browsing Within retail, there has been a long history of store design development. Shop owners within various sectors have worked to arrange and optimise their store design, looking to allow for the maximum customer satisfaction as

Bringing Rustic Design into Your Store

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Bringing Rustic Design into Your Store     At Crown Display, we have noticed a rise in the popularity of rustic design in our retail furniture ranges. Aesthetics and wooden finishes that were once popular in homes have found their

Four Ways to Reinvent Your Shop

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4 Ways to Reinvent Your Shop     Customer retention is a consisting focus for retailers. Making sure figures remain healthy and high on the high street can sometimes seem difficult but it is far from impossible. Before the battle

Our Production Values

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Our Production Values Crown Display now celebrates 25 years of service. And, by continuing to dedicate ourselves to high-quality production values and excellent customer service, we hope to maintain our presence within the UK as a long-established supplier. We believe that

The Greeting Card Revival

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The Greeting Card Revival Whatever the occasion, it seems that there’s a card for everything. With every event from Valentine’s Day to a welcoming a new family pet having its own card, you’ll be certain to find options. Interestingly, despite

Redesigning Your Café

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A cafe’s interior design is more important than ever. Thanks to the power of social media, specifically image-based platforms like Instagram, the design of your café can make the difference between a full and thriving consumer base or a dwindling