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Slatwall Panels, Inserts & Profiles

Slatwall Panels, Inserts and Products from Crown Display

Slatwall is a great addition to any store, maximising space and retail opportunity, especially when paired with pvc or aluminium inserts. With over 25 years’ experience supplying businesses of all sizes with quality shop fittings and shelving, it will come as no surprise that Crown Display’s slatwall products match our usual high standards of quality and functionality. Our slatwall range consists of a number of products that can be utilised in ways that are tailored to suit the requirements of your business, working together with other shop fittings, creating efficient displays and storage solutions for optimal customer sales. 

There is no need to be concerned about the quality of any slatwall or related product when purchasing from Crown Display, as we ensure that we offer only the highest grade of UK sourced slatwall, supporting the national industry as well as ensuring ethical production. We choose to sell slatwall in a standard size of 2400mm x 1200mm: either in portrait or landscape orientation. Panels can be cut to any size or pitch, with slatwall inserts trimmed to fit. Plus we have recently increased the range of slatwall finishes we offer, including exciting new vibrant colour choices. Please click `SLATWALL PANELS` option below to view all finishes –

Slatwall panels provide a cost-effective, versatile solution to enhance your product display. Whatever the nature of your business may be, slatwall is an excellent option for any retail outlet - durable and attractive, it offers a decidedly professional, yet highly effective, platform for product presentation.

We choose to sell only UK-sourced high grade slatwall. This reassures our customers and supports our reputation as a supplier of quality ethically-produced shop fittings that are made to last.

As well as being locally sourced, our slatwall is also ethically manufactured – this is a key aspect of how we work at Crown Display. All our materials are sourced from socially and ethically responsible providers that work with skilled local craftspeople wherever possible. Our principle philosophy is to offer products of outstanding quality at a fair price, and we work hard to ensure that our customers can be guaranteed a slatwall panel that is strong, durable and that looks great, at the best price possible, without the risk of formaldehyde emissions (a toxic effect from low quality slatwall).

The difference between good quality slat boards and poor quality slatwall panels is visibly noticeable. However, if you’re unsure before purchasing slatwall, visit the suppliers’ premises and ask for a sample. That way, you not only establish the quality of the slats being supplied, but you can also reassure yourself that you’re dealing with a reputable business. At Crown Display, we are always happy to discuss the quality and sourcing of our slatwall panels.


Customised UK-Sourced Slatwall Panels

As standard, slatwall is supplied as an approximate full size 8’ x 4’ or half size 4’ x 4’ panel. However, we can cut the boards to any specific slat size for you; usually at no extra cost. We can also change the standard 100mm pitch (distance between grooves) to 50mm, 75mm or another groove gap of your choosing. Ensuring that you have correctly fitting inserts or panels is a priority to us, which is why we can customise the size to measurements that are tailored to your requirements.

Many retailers find that a neutral cream, grey or white finish to their slatwall works best in their store, but we do offer a wide range of alternative finishes, including wood grains, such as beech, oak and ash, for an especially welcoming atmosphere, and brightly coloured finishes such as deep blue or vivid yellow for a more dramatic display. For the ultimate effect, we now also offer silver slatwall as well as acrylic mirrored panels. 


Battens, Inserts, Profiles & More

Our selection of coloured PVC and aluminium inserts will enhance your slatwall panels cosmetically, as well as increasing weight load. Our new reflective mirrored PVC inserts are particularly eye-catching! To aid installation and further enhance the display, try our range of profiles – easily fitted and available in a variety of colours.

Once you have decided on the size and finish of your panels, be sure to browse our wide range of acrylic and mirrored chrome slatwall accessories. Appropriate for all kinds of products, we are bound to offer the attachments you need within our selection.

Making the most of your available wall space is easy with Crown Display; not only do we have flat fitting options, but we also have internal/external corner slatwall options, so you can carry on the system without disjointed function or appearance. Hanging all panels is simple with aluminium battens; relying on one to fix to the wall and one to bind to the slatwall panel, minimal projection from the wall occurs with maximum efficiency. 

Once fitted, you may wish to reduce the risk of damage to and from staff and customers, or simply create a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance that’s to your tastes. This can be achieved with our end caps or strips, as well as joining strips (also available for internal and external corners). To match your interior, our slatwall panels are available in a range of designs; from neutral hues and wood grains to vivid colours and mirrored acrylic, there’s something to suit everyone.