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Retail Shelving Technical Specifications

Useful information:

Please read the below technical data for our modular shop shelving system:

  • Standard upright dimensions 60mm/30mm. Heavy duty 80mm/30mm.
  • For shelving corner units allow 787mm from wall to allow for 90 degree angle.
  • Back panels can be plain, pegboard or slatted.
  • For heavier weights not wanting to be displayed on wall units or gondolas use a pegboard backing for 60% increased load distribution.
  • 400mm Extension pieces for uprights available can be slotted on existing uprights.
  • All shop shelving units can be joined together to fill any required space. The second unit joins onto previous leg.
  • Baseleg height options are 160mm (standard) & 260mm (high).
  • Powder coat references for the two standard finishes are RAL9001 Jura white. RAL9006 Silver.
  • Use back panel clips to attach mdf slatwall or hardwood backing to unit. One pair every 400mm would be standard depending on height of chosen wall or gondola unit.
  • Published data verifying its tested weight holding and durability (see below).

If you require a continuous run of Wall or Gondola shelving units simply add the number of units needed to fill your requirement area and add 1 end leg (i.e. a 4.5m area = 2 x 125mm and 2x 1000mm units). As units can be joined together an end leg is required.

Retail Shelving - fitting guide.
We often get asked about how difficult our shop shelving is to install. The answer is very straight forward with very few tools required to complete the job. You will generally require a rubber mallet, adjustable spanner & a spirit level and possibly a knife to open some of the packaging. Remember to call us on 01275 866255 if you require a little help putting the shelving together. Here is our Crown Display basic guide to installing our shop shelving:

  • Step 1. Insert the baseleg into the bottom of the upright (mallet required) until 90 degree flush position to the upright. For Gondola units a baseleg will be required on each side of same end of upright to form upside down `T`.
  • Step 2. Attach the back panels in between two uprights with bottom back panel beginning approx 100mm from bottom of upright. Carry on putting back panels on top of each other until the top back panel is flush with the top of the uprights.
  • Step 3. Attach the base plinth in between slots on front side of baselegs (Look carefully - they are there!).
  • Step 4. Fix base shelf on top of baselegs.
  • Step 5. Hang shelf brackets in pairs into H slots on uprights.
  • Step 6. Fit shelves onto brackets, remember each bracket allows you to have shelf flat or sloping
  • Step 7. Clip on epos strips.
  • Step 8. It is advisable during fitting your shop shelving units to keep checking accuracy of level. Often problems may occur trying to fit components if this is not done. The adjustable feet allow you to level units as you go along. This is particularly important when installing a run of units. Call your Crown fitter if you require further advice on any of the above steps or remember we offer a nationwide cost effective fitting service if you prefer not to fit the retail shelving yourself.


Permissible Loads


Another question regularly asked is how much weight can you place on each shelf along with overall weight capacity on each Wall unit or Gondola Unit. The following specified loads assume even distribution of product. The use of Wall fixing brackets will also increase weight loading on any unit assuming they are adequately secure. Shelves must be installed in diminishing sizes ascending up the upright. Please remember this is a guide as other factors can determine weight capacity.

Bracket Type Bracket Type
2 Hook
Shelf Depth (mm) 250 300 370 470
Axial Distance (mm) Permissible Loads per shelf (in Kg)
665 120 110 100 90
1000 120 110 100 90
1250 120 110 100 90