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Shop and Retail Shelving UK

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Quality Retail Shelving - Investing a Little to Profit More

Hugely practical modern retail shelving has never been so popular. With more colours and accessories available gone are the days of thinking it sterile looking. Our Evolve & Eden Shelving is a product with an unrivalled cost-benefit ratio that displays your products effectively and beautifully, whatever the nature of your business. This easy to install system also makes ideal Garage shelving. You may want to take a look at the great many accessories that we have to compliment this easy to fit modular shop shelving system. Also if needing inspiration or a quote to supply or fit we are long in the tooth dinosaurs of the shop fittings world so please just call.

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How end legs work

EXAMPLE A:   4 legs are required.  1 leg is supplied with each bay.  An additional 2 x end legs will need to be ordered for this configuration. 
EXAMPLE B:   3 legs are required.  1 Leg is supplied with each bay. An additional 1 x End leg will need to be ordered for this configuration.
Using example B, if you required 3 runs of two bays then you would need to order an additional 3 x end legs, one for each run. 

Are you looking for shop and retail shelving, look no further, you’ve come to the right place, at Crown Display we specialise in providing a full shop and retail shelving service. Shelves are one of the most important pieces of retail equipment, they’re essential when it comes to displaying and promoting your products. At Crown Display we offer a range of shop shelves, this includes shelving units in a selection of colours and styles, ensuring that your shelves fit in with the rest of your retail décor and interior. At Crown Display, we’ve been providing shop shelving services to customers across the UK for a number of years, we’re highly experienced, there’s no need to look anywhere else for retail shelves, for more information, call our team today.

The shop and retail shelves that we provide here at Crown Display come with a range of benefits including that they’re versatile and come in a range of styles and colours, you’re bound to find the perfect shelving units to suit your retail space. The shelf units that we provide are known for being practical, as well as the many styling options that they come in. Our shelving units aim to provide a display option that ensures that your products look effective while fulfilling their main purpose and promoting your products. So, whatever the nature of your business, at Crown Display, our retail shelf units will make your business look beautiful. As well as shelving, we also provide a range of accessories to complement your new retail shelf unit, for more information, feel free to contact our team, at Crown Display we can also provide installation and fitting information. 


Shop Shelving UK

 At Crown Display, we’re home to an extensive range of retail shelving fixtures suitable for a range of shopping and retail outlets in all market sectors. So, whether you’re a small boutique, a busy shop or a large retail space, our shop shelving units are the perfect choice for you. As shelf fixture specialists, we’ve been providing our shelving across the UK to a number of renowned retail brands for a number of years, what’s more, is our experience means that we provide our customers and clients with only high-quality products, manufactured to the best standards and at competitive prices. 

Having worked alongside a range of UK store owners, at Crown Display, our shelving fixture units are a popular choice and provide an effective yet visually appealing way for retail outlets to display their products. As well as top of the range shelving we also offer wall bays, gondolas, perforated bays and a range of compatible accessories. From glass shelves to chrome stacking baskets and shelving, we’ve got everything you need to ensure the best retail display. Should you be setting up a brand-new retail space, or you’re refurbishing your shop, Crown Display has been providing shelving fixtures to shops and retail spaces for a number of years, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. The shelves that we offer are authentic, quality tested and environmentally friendly, what’s more, is our team of skilled shopfitters can also provide a thorough installation service. 


Retail Shelving Fixtures, Fittings and Units

From specialist shelving fittings designed to hold specific products and items, to crisp bars, newspaper units, clothing, shoes and card bays, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your retail space requirements, our shelf fixtures are a great choice, and with a large selection of shelving units available, at Crown Display, you’ll find a shelving solution that meets all of your requirements. 

At Crown Display, we’re known for being a long-time established supplier of shop fixtures and fittings, including top of the range shelves and shelving, what’s more, is we aim to provide a customer service experience to the highest standards. We’ve been well known for a number of years and are considered as one of the best when it comes to shopfitting suppliers and shopfitters of retail shelving, as well as supplying a number of popular retail brands including high street names across the UK. With 25 years in the retail fixture industry, you can trust that you’re in the right hands, we’re considered to be one of the biggest suppliers of retail shelves. 

Our positive reputation comes from the unique customer service approach that we provide, ensuring a bespoke service when it comes to your shop shelving installations. As well as excellent fitting service, we also ensure that our products are top quality, we only provide quality and ethically sourced shop fittings and retail equipment.  All of our shelving units are realistically priced and we can also offer a full shop fitting or shop refit service, so as well as top of the range shelves, we offer counters, panels and units to match the rest of your retail display. 


Our Best-Selling Retail Shelving Products

We have an extensive range of retail shelving fixtures and fittings for retail outlets in all market sectors but, over the years, our best sellers have always been those that are common to shops of all types, across the United Kingdom. For example, our slatwall panels and inserts are very popular with all of our customers, owing to our highly competitive prices and the quality of the panels produced by our UK manufacturing partner.

Our fantastic range of retail shelving is another perennial favourite with UK store owners. This collection includes standard wall bays, gondolas, perforated bays, and a range of compatible accessories. From glass shelving to chrome stacking baskets, we have everything you need. Whether you are just setting up shop or you have been in business for many years, you are guaranteed to appreciate the great value products in this range. Our shelving is authentic, quality tested and environmentally friendly for use in retail, and our skilled shopfitters can ensure easy installation.

If you are looking for specialist fittings designed to hold particular products, such as crisp bays, newspaper unitsgarment and card bays, you will want to check out the extremely popular selection of retail shelving for sale in our online store. All made to exacting standards and available via our express delivery service, the many high-quality products in this section are sure to be of interest.


Why choose Crown Display?

There’s a number of reasons why you should choose Crown Display for your retail shelving fixtures…

  • Products of excellent quality at a fair price
  • Using `fair trade` methods where possible and working with skilled local craftspeople
  • Delivering when we say we will
  • Products sourced from socially responsible businesses
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Selling quality units handmade in the UK
  • Making the buying experience enjoyable
  • Supplying authentic, environmentally friendly, quality tested Retail Shop Shelving
  • Offering a Shopfitting and Shop Refit service based on fair pricing and using skilled shopfitters


For Shop and Retail Shelving in the UK, Choose Crown Display

Should you require shop or retail shelving units, at Crown Display we supply a selection of retail shelving, produced the highest quality and competitively priced. As well as beautiful shelving furniture, our products are ethical and fair trade, we also only use environmentally friendly wood and source from businesses that are socially responsible. So, when you buy from Crown Display, you can buy with confidence. For more information on the shelving products that we provide, feel free to contact the Crown Display team today, we can be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have, as well as discuss your retail shelving requirements. 

At Crown Display, it’s our pledge to supply retail shelving of the highest quality at the very best prices. We utilise fair trade methods and the skills of local craftspeople wherever possible, and we only used environmentally-friendly wood and sourced from businesses with socially-responsible characteristics, so when you buy from us, you can do so with total confidence.

If you would like to enquire about any particular shelving product, please contact us by phone on 0800 587 5880. Alternatively, you can send an email to our friendly team at and we will be in touch to discuss your retail shelving requirements.



Why choose Crown Display to buy shelving products?

At Crown Display, we aim to not just provide quality products at competitive prices, but also aim to ensure a unique customer service experience for all of our customers, for more information on the shelves and shelving units that we supply, call our team today. 

Why choose shelving products from Crown Display?

The shelving that we supply at Crown Display gives you the option to create visually appealing, bespoke displays for your retail outlet or shop. Our shelf fixture solutions are versatile and come with a range panels, inserts and accessories, as well as being designed in a selection of finishes, colours and sizes to suit.

What type of shelving do I need?

When it comes to retail shelving, the type that you require all depends on the layout of your shop or space as well as the type of products that you’re going to display. All of the shop and retail shelf products that we stock come in different sizes, styles, colours and types, helping you to create a bespoke display that stands out from the crowd. 

What are retail shelves made from?

The retail shelves that we stock have been manufactured in a range of materials, including glass, metal and acrylic shelving units, using these materials will provide a number of benefits for the shelves. All of our shelving units are durable and rigid while being cost-effective. 

How do I order shelving fixtures from Crown Display?

You can order from our range of shelves and shelving fixtures online from Crown Display, should you have any questions or require any further information on the shelving products that we supply, please contact the team at Crown Display via telephone or email, or you can fill out the online contact form and we’ll get back to you.